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Hi! We're Brody and Brayson Tonner and together we started River Side Retrievers!

We have always loved puppies and had always wanted a dog of our own. So we started searching for the right breed


We looked for very specific characteristics in each breed we chose.


We both loved Labrador Retrievers, so we started researching the breed, and it seemed like this would be the perfect fit! 




Knowing what we wanted from a breeder when we were searching for our very own pup, we assumed many others were searching for the same things we were.

Discovering there was a lack of this where we live, we made it our mission to provide a puppy adoption process where you feel like your part of the family!

TODAY We are a professional dog breeder in Berne IN, that breeds Labrador Retrievers, and Golden Retrievers! We are big enough to meet everybody's needs, but small enough to take care of each of our dogs individually.

We started off with only 3 Labs and instantly loved them! So We eventually grew our breeding program into what it is today. We now breed Labrador Retrievers, and Golden Retrievers. 

We love all of our dogs and hope you will love and care for one of our puppies some day just as much as we do! Call with any questions you might have about us or our puppies.

Our goal is to place healthy, happy puppies in homes all over the USA. We are excited to hear from you and assist you in your search for a puppy!

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