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Tessa 75lbs X Ranger 75lbs

AKC Golden Retrievers

Puppies are expected to be:

born Nov 7th

going home Jan 10th (ish)

Coat: English Cream

Wait List- 

1. AVAILABLE- 1st Pick F

2. AVAILABLE- 2nd Pick F

3. AVAILABLE- Last Pick F

4. SOLD- 1st Pick M

5. SOLD- 2nd Pick M

6. SOLD- 3rd Pick M

7. AVAILABLE- 4th Pick M

8. AVAILABLE- Last Pick M

If you are interested in one of these RSR puppy's, let us know! (they go fast!)

You are also welcome to come out and meet one of our gorgeous puppies in person! We look forward to meeting you and assisting you in your search for a new puppy! 

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