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Put your puppy on a path to Perfect Health



NuVet Plus® is a natural, full-spectrum supplement that helps boost the pets immune system, helping them lead healthier and longer lives. It’s also an excellent prenatal and to keep pups healthy as they transition with the stress of a new homes & vaccine series




NuJoint Plus® is a premium, natural hip and joint supplement that can ease discomfort, rebuild cartilage and improve mobility for pets who are losing the ‘pep in their step’. Prevention is best (great for large and active breeds)




Facts about NuVet


• NuVet Plus helps to fill the nutritional void that exists in virtually all pets. Even the highest quality dog foods are cooked, and as a result, the heat from cooking kills much of the nutrients. NuVet Plus is cold processed allowing the ingredient's rich nutrients to remain.

• NuVet Plus is a full spectrum immune system builder; not just a vitamin. It's filled with synergistic blend of anti-oxidants, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and more designed to promote healthy cells and to help the pet's immune system at its peak.

• NuVet Plus is natural; no artificial flavors, artificial fillers, artificial binders, or grains. This gives it superior absorption and utilization in the body, allowing the ingredients to be more effectively absorbed through the cellular walls. Healthy cells = healthy pets! 

• NuVet Plus is manufactured in the USA in an FDA registered, human pharmaceutical laboratory; almost unheard of in the pet food or pet supplement industry. This assures the very highest quality, potency and purity. In other words, what you see on the label is what you actually get.

• Studies have shown that products manufactured with less controls, don't always provide what it says on the label. Some may contain harmful by products, metals and contaminates. (Check pet product recalls)

• NuVet Plus ingredients are natural and human grade. So called "animal or feed grade" allows for a manufacturer to include by-products, chemicals, fillers and meats from dying or diseased animals; something NuVet Labs would never allow or condone.

• NuVet Plus is perfect for outwardly healthy dogs. By keeping the immune system functioning at peak performance the pet is better equipped to stay healthy. For puppies, it helps to boost their still maturing immune system - critically important! Note: A pet that appears healthy may not be. Taking NuVet plus daily can help eliminate this potentially dangerous situation.

• NuVet Plus can help the animal deal with environmental conditions, including pollutants in the air, pesticides and more. The powerful antioxidants found in NuVet plus can help combat the free radicals resulting from the environment.

• NuVet Plus is safe! It's virtually 100% water soluble and food based, making it almost impossible for a pet to overdose. It's also safe to take with medications.

• NuVet Plus really works! We invite you to view the testimonials, found on their webpage

• Peace of mind - NuVet Plus comes with a 60-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back!


A nourishing daily TREAT loved by pets... Recommended by Vets

NuVet helps:

STRENGHTEN immune system

ALLEVIATE itching & scratching

PROMOTE healthy skin & coat

INCREASE energy levels

SUPPORT hips & joints

IMPROVE quality of life

A nourishing daily treat LOVED by pets…

“ As a Veterinarian, it is my responsibility and personal commitment to research and recommend products that are the best for each animal….I have integrated both supplements (NuVet Plus and NuJoint) into my treatment protocols for a variety of issues. …feedback from my clients has also been very positive…. "

- Judith M. Shoemaker, DVMThe American Veterinary Medical Association Practitioner of the Year, 2011-2012

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